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  • Leslee (Messier) Quick

    Dr. Leslee learned early in adolescence the important role chiropractic plays in overall health when chiropractic treatment helped not only her back pain, but also her unresolved knee pain and digestive issues. She attributes those experiences to her advocacy of wellness chiropractic care for her family and patients. Dr. Leslee's two daughters have received wellness chiropractic care since birth and their strong immunity is a testament to the relationship between the spine and overall health.

    Dr. Leslee received her Bachelor degree at Bentley College (University), and her Doctorate of Chiropractic at New york Chiropractic College, serving as Class President. She continued her postgraduate education in the areas of herbal nutrition and pediatrics. Dr. Leslee is a frequently guest lecturer to groups and companies and is a certified weight loss coach.

    Dr.  Leslee remains a very active volunteer within the Wilmington Community. In her spare time she cherishes family time with her husband and two daughters, Jordan and Alexandra. She also enjoys golf, hiking, camping, tennis, skiing and spending anytime outdoors and anything ocean-related.

    Other Experience:
    •200 Hours Applied Kinesiology Certification - 2005
    •Chiropractic Pediatrics - 2007
    •Advanced Nutrition & Herbs - 2008
    •Author 'Quick Health Tips' Article 2006-2010
    •Lecture Series:  Osteoporosis, Backpack safety, Menopause, Applied Kinesiology, Running Injuries & golf injuries.

  • Marc Quick

    Dr. Marc was studying to be a veterinarian when a drastic injury left him with three severely herniated discs. After months of hospitalization and rehabilitation he was classified as permanently disabled by the State of New York. At that time he was referred for Chiropractic care.

    'Chiropractic care enabled me to return to a regular pain-free lifestyle and to do what I love to do'

    Dr. Marc attended Old Dominion University with a major in Anthropology and received his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2001 where he concentrated in the treatment of sports injuries, completing his internship in Syracuse. He has continued his post-doctorate education in extremities and disc injuries.

    In his spare time Dr. Marc enjoys sci-fi movies, running, golf, weight lifting, spending time relaxing with his family and coaching his girls' soccer teams. 

  • Natalia Epstein
    Lic. Ac, Dipl. Ac.

    Natalia received her acupuncture license and diplomate from New England School of Acupuncture. She treats all conditions but specializes in women's health, stress and digestive issues. Natalia uses the balance method which has great results for pain management, having great success with pain in the neck and spine.

    'Don't wait!  Acupuncture has no side-effects and may help change your life.  It is a great alternative medicine for anxiety, depression and internal disorders.  Treatments are gentle and relaxing.  I care deeply about my patients and want to help them have a better life.'

    You can email Natalia at

  • Salvadore Pasina

    Salvadore 'Sal' is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner who has been practicing for over 9 years. Sal is a graduate of the Salter Schools with postgraduate education in specialties including deep tissue, sports and prenatal massage.

    Sal's unparalleled passion for healing, combined with his education and experience, enables Sal to create a personalized approach to each client based on their distinct needs. 

    Sal enjoys music, singing and spending time with his beautiful daughters.

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Our Wellcare assistants are here to help you and make your visits welcoming and comfortable. Our assistants are:  Christine Nally (left) and Annette D'Ambrosio (right)


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