We value our patients' experience at Wellcare Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a member of Wellcare and use any of our services such as a chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or Ideal Protein, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. Thank you.

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Amanda sharing her Wellcare story with Fibromyalgia

Neck Pain

“I first came to this office after a fall and severely injuring my neck. Dr. Marc worked on my problem for several weeks with great gentleness and consideration of my excruciating pain. Since then I have been coming regularly to see Dr. Leslee for spinal adjustments and to keep my neck and hips in proper alignment. I have seen several chiropractors over the years, but these doctors are at the top of my list.”      -  Yolanda Girouard

“After sitting at a desk all week, coming in to see Drs. Leslee and Marc has done wonders for my neck. Between the realignments and their suggestions of stretches and office posture, my experience at Wellcare Chiropractic Center has been wonderful. With their wealth of knowledge as well as the quality of services they have to offer. I would recommend Wellcare Chiropractic Center to all my fellow coworkers and everyone who sits at a computer all day long!” -  Elizabeth Sias 

“I was convinced that my neck pain could not be solved. I went over a year not sleeping, having trouble with movements etc....I feel totally different and for the most part can go about my day without my neck pain being at the forefront of my mind.”     -  John Fitzler

Low Back Pain

“Last year I entered into the care of Drs. Marc and Leslee Quick. I was in deep trouble. My back was in great distress and the pain was excruciating. Due to their superb work over the course of this year the pain is at time negligible and other times nonexistent. Their professionalism, enthusiasm and constant optimistic outlook on my case has been a great help to me. As a letter carrier for the USPS I needed some very physical work in all areas. Drs. Marc and Leslee have made it possible to cut drastically any discomfort and improved my ability to perform my job in a more consistent way. The exercises assigned to me have resulted in a better flexibility with my back and a better proportioning of any stress and/or strain I put on it through work. Above all I advise any patient to keep on your maintenance schedule and realignment treatments done by the good doctors. I could not make it through without them!”-   John J. O’Connell

“For fifteen years I have suffered from lower back pain due to a fall…My experience at Wellcare Chiropractic Center has been nothing but positive…My back loosened up and winter hasn’t been as painful for me. Both Dr. Leslee and Dr. Marc are very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in finding the way to make everything right. My time is mostly spent with Dr. Leslee and she has been very determined at times trying to make it easier for me to be pain free. I would highly recommend Wellcare Chiropractic Center to any of my friends or family who would benefit in the care of their spine.”    -  D. Kachen 

“My experience at Wellcare has been totally positive. I admit that I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor, especially since my pain was in my spine area. Encouraged by my daughter who had visited and became a patient, I saw Dr. Leslee. It was an amazing experience! She was able to identify every source of my pain based on our conversation. The back exam was beyond thorough. The relief was total within a few days. It changed my life. I am very grateful for the cessation of pain. Wellcare has my highest recommendations! Thank you.”     -  Peggy

Shoulder Pain

“My shoulder pain has been substantially reduced with the great care received from Wellcare. I would highly recommend them.”     -  Charlie Graham 


"I have gained more mobility and am having less pain.  Also the instructions they gave me to do at home have helped immensely.  I should have come here two years ago!  Thank you for all your knowledge and help.  I have referred friends and would recommend you in the future.  Thanks also to your staff they are a  pleasure to deal with." - CFH

"The benefits that come with the spinal health care provided by Wellcare are truly immeasurable; however it is very easy to put into words the immediate gratification that comes with stress and pain relief with each visit. The care provided by Marc and Leslee keeps me comfortable, active, and above all, happy. I sleep better, feel better, even eat better, because I feel like my true self after every visit. One trip or appointment at Wellcare can change your week just like that!”      - Michael Ahearn

"I have been coming to Wellcare for chiropractic services for about three years. I am a very active person and chiropractic care has helped both my general health and fitness as well as been critical to help me recover from injuries. It is an important part of my health and fitness regimen.”      -  Liz McGowan

"I would like to thank you both for getting my body feeling well again. When I came in here on my first visit I was a mess and in more pain than I have ever experienced with my lengthy state of being off alignment, due to an injury as a child. I am feeling great and have begun my road to not only recovery, but also taken a new interest in prevention. Thank you so much for your wonderful care and guidance.”     -  Gwen Craig

"I have been coming to Wellcare Chiropractic Center since last summer following the birth of my second child. They were both willing to help my lower back issues and also educate me on the function of the spine and how it relates to the entire body…The pains have significantly decreased in just the last few weeks of visits. I will continue to come for regular adjustments. I am very pleased with my experience.”      –  Melanie Ricupero

"I came in with a lot of pain. After five visits my pain was no longer there. I felt great for the Holidays. They both make you feel very comfortable in the office.”     -  Kathleen Carroll

Low Level Laser (Cold Laser)

"I had a severe sprain and fracture of my left ankle.  After just 2 weeks of laser treatments I was walking with very little pain, and after 4 weeks I was running with no pain.  If you haven't considered laser therapy you should."   - D Riley

“When I first met Dr. Quick I had severe pain. My head tilted almost down to my left shoulder. With adjustments and cold laser treatments, my head and neck are almost straight and my pain has decreased from a daily 9 out of 10 to a 0-3 out of 10. Thank you Dr. Quick!”     -  K.P.


“Monthly visits have helped me keep my head ‘on straight’…literally. I have fewer headaches and lower back pain because of my adjustments.”     --  Holly


I cannot say enough about Wellcare Chiropractic Center! Thank you Dr Leslee Messier Quick for curing any injury I have ever had and keeping my spine in a good shape! From my upper back pain, hip bursitis, peroneal tendinitis, and now my plantar fasciitis!! I would say you are a miracle worker!! You have no idea how much appreciate all you do for me ❤️. The staff is also amazing - thank you Christine Peterson Nally and Annette for always being so kind and helpful as well!! If you have any injury, please give this amazing chiropractic office a chance!!.”   --  Lisa Cataldo

Thank you to all our wonderful members who take the time out of their busy days to write these lovely tesimonials to our care.  To see more testimonials please feel free to call our office for a copy. 


Drs. Leslee & Marc Quick and staff, Your Wilmington Chiropractors


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